Complete Cartflows Tutorial by Ferdy Korpershoek

This amazing tutorial is from Ferdy Korpershoek.

With CartFlows Pro you can increase revenue on your WooCommerce website and you can create Sales funnels. All in WordPress using CartFlows Pro.

CartFlows has 2 goals: To generate leads (email addresses) and boost sales on your website. What would you rather have? That 100 visitors on your website spend a total of $200 dollars or a total of $400 dollars? CartFlows helps you to increase the revenue on your website.

You can use it on your current webshop with one Click Upsells, letting people buy more of the same product, change the layout of the checkout page, remove unnecessary fields in your checkout (which is not an option in WooCommerce) and create beautiful thank you pages.

You can also create sales funnels with a landing page, checkout page, upsell page, downsell page, order bump, pre checkout page and thank you page. You can edit those pages with your favourite page builders like Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder and Gutenberg.

Actually it is almost the same as Clickfunnels but way cheaper and a lot better in my opinion. You have so much more options and can integrate it with other WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, LearnDash, Lifter LMS, Elementor, Stripe for WooCommerce, Converkit for WooCommerce.

About the sales funnel: You can. start of with a free product. A video or eBook. Then, when the visitor opts in you have their email address on your mailing list and they go to the thank you page. On that page you can sell them something for a nice price like $20. As soon as they leave the Paypal information or Creditcard details they don't have to fill in any more details in the rest of the funnel. So then you can offer them an upsell. With one click they can get access to something you offer and be charged at once. If they turn down the upsell they go automatically to the downsell page where you can sell them something cheaper. Also here they can accept it or reject it. Then they go to the landing page. In this way you can way more sales than when you would sell it all on your WooCommerce shop in an overview.

Example website:
Get CartFlows:
Get LearnDash:

Timestamps CartFlows Pro

00:00 Intro CartFlows Tutorial
00:33 Overview CartFlows Tutorial
12:33 Install Elementor
13:34 Install The Astra Theme
14:07 Install WooCommerce
15:30 Configure The WooCommerce Settings
16:06 Optional: Integrate Stripe

CartFlows Pro
17:25 Get CartFlows Pro
19:41 Download And Install CartFlows Pro

20:58 Create The Products You Want To Offer In WooCommerce
22:45 The Free Option Product
24:46 The Order Bump Product
25:15 The Upsell Product
26:05 The Big Upsell Product
26:33 The Downsell Product

Cartflows Pro
28:18 Overview Of Cartflows Pro
30:10 Add Your First Flow (Sales Funnel)
36:10 Add A Product To Your Option Step
37:40 Adjust The Step With Elementor (Or Divi, Beaver Builder or Gutenberg)
42:46 Let People That Option Create An Account Automatically
43:12 Make The Flow/Funnel The Landing Page On Your Website
45:49 Configure The Second Step In The Flow
48:42 Add A Video To Your Sales Funnel
54:43 Create The Order Bump
01:01:43 Create A Checkout Offer Upsell
01:07:21 Create An Upsell
01:10:28 Add A Video To Your Funnel
01:16:25 Configure The Thank You Page
01:17:59 Test The Funnel
01:23:37 Account Overview

01:24:20 Add Courses To Your Website
01:27:09 Add A New Course To Your Website With LearnDash
01:28:34 Connect The Course To WooCommerce And CartFlows

WooCommerce And Cartflows Pro
01:29:20 Make Sure That The Visitor Gets All The Products He/She Orders
01:31:50 Configure The Account Page
01:34:47 Restrict The Courses
01:35:51 Configure The Thank You Page

01:37:24 Combine Orders
01:39:17 Test The Whole Sales Funnel
01:43:22 Overview Of The Statistics In CartFlows

01:44:22 A/B Split Testing
01:49:15 Increase Sales By Adding Coupon Codes

01:54:57 CartFlows Settings
01:57:19 Enable The Facebook Pixel

01:59:32 Apply CartFlows On Your Current Webshop
02:00:51 Create A Checkout With CartFlows
02:04:39 Change The Layout With Elementor
02:06:52 Change The FormFields On The WooCommerce Checkout Page
02:13:33 Create An Upsell On Your WooCommerce Shop
02:16:43 Sell More Of The Same Product

02:26:19 Create Leads Using CartFlows, WooCommerce, and Convertkit (Or another Email Marketing Tool)
02:32:08 Adjust The WooCommerce Email Style
02:35:19 Thank You So Much!

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